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Fluid pumps rental

Fluid pumps are used in the refrigeration industry to circulate chilled water or brine. Aggreko offers a comprehensive range of centrifugal fluid pumps specifically designed to operate with its fleet of temperature control equipment.

The pumps in our rental fleet are used in conjunction with chillers, air handlers, heat exchangers, delivery and suction hoses, and buffer tanks. Their role is to provide a suitable fluid flow rate so that a system delivers the required levels of cooling performance.

Fluid pump rental equipment will be relocated many times during its service life. Our pumps have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the rental market. They provide

  • High reliability and proven design capabilities
  • Skid-mounted frames with forklift pockets for ease of transportation
  • Broad temperature control capabilities, which makes them suitable for operations in all climates
  • High efficiency that delivers good flow and pressure for low electrical consumption and running costs
  • Compatibility with water and water–glycol mixtures.
Aggreko fluid pumps are available in varying capacities and can provide the following flow rates:
  • 10 L/sec
  • 30 L/sec
  • 50L/sec
  • 75 L/sec
  • 100 L/sec
  • 125 L/sec
  • 150 L/sec.
Our sales and support network in Asia includes Aggreko bases in China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.


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