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Maintaining a reliable power supply is crucial for the smooth operation of modern cities, the efficiency of industrial processes and the safe development of communities. Today, governments and industries are facing a range of power supply challenges. These include increased demand caused by rapid industrialization, cyclical patterns of energy supply and the location of new industrial facilities far from reliable utility sources. Whatever the reason for a power shortage, Aggreko can help customers to overcome the shortfall.

Temporary power solutions for the mining industry
Aggreko offers interim power generation products and services across the life cycle of mining operations, from project planning and construction, through to commissioning, production, expansion and eventual ramp-down. This includes services to support mining infrastructure on open-cut and underground mine sites, as well as mineral industrial process plants.
Typical applications include:
• Power during the construction of a new mine
• Power for the extension of existing mine capacity
• Backup power systems for production peaks
• Power during planned maintenance
• Emergency power sources during unplanned outages
Both diesel generators and natural-gas-powered generators are available, as well as a combined fuel (diesel–gas) system.

Mine operators that choose to rent power rather than purchasing power generating infrastructure can make significant capital expenditure savings and boost the cost efficiency of their operations. Rental means that power costs can be classified as operating expenditure and treated as a transparent overhead. This approach reduces the cost per ton in early production, helps to cut the time to profitability and increases investor confidence.

Renting temporary power services from Aggreko enables mine operators to maintain a flexible approach to the development of their assets. It eliminates the need for high capital expenditure at the start of a project and enables customers to pay for the power capacity they need, thereby improving cash flow. A key element of this is Aggreko’s modular 1-MW power unit, which makes it simple to increase or decrease plant capacity.
Power for exploration and development operations in the mining industry
Aggreko provides temporary power generation solutions across the full range of upstream mining operations.
If there is an urgent need for on-site generating capacity, for example, during construction or at the start of mine operations, our interim power plants can be designed, delivered and operational on-site within a matter of weeks. Fast-track commissioning means that mine operators can start their operations early and benefit from early mineral production and cash flow.
We can provide reliable power in remote locations and a range of altitudes; this is often a key consideration in the pre-commissioning phases of a mine development project.
Our power solutions come with the flexibility to accommodate the fluctuation in power requirement over the life cycle of your project. The modular design of Aggreko power plant uses synchronized 1-MW units to build any required multi-megawatt capacity. If demand increases or decreases, we can modify the generating capacity as required.
Aggreko’s new 1-MW diesel product, the G3+, delivers 14% more power and 12% lower costs per megawatt compared with the previous generation, maintains its performance in high ambient temperatures and responds well to part-load operations, where its efficiency remains virtually unchanged down to 50% load.
We aim to give customers peace of mind and enable them to focus on mining operations while their power supply is in the hands of internationally recognized specialists in temporary power generation.
Power for production operations in the mining industry
Aggreko provides temporary power generation and emergency electrical power capacity for midstream mining operations, including for the conveyor systems for ore transport, storage areas, mineral processing areas and staff accommodation blocks and site offices.
We also offer up-front engineering with on-site care and maintenance support in line with the relevant mining standards and regulations. Aggreko has the capacity to support mine operations over short and long durations covering exploration, feasibility, planned expansions, breakdowns, shutdowns or tailored capacities throughout a mine’s operational lifetime.
Aggreko supplies temporary power to processing facilities, including the power needed to operate machinery in ore processing plants and associated operations.
Our turnkey power generation solutions are complete multi-megawatt power packages, typically ranging from 5 to over 300 MW. This includes low- and high-voltage installations plus full operation and maintenance. We can provide comprehensive care and maintenance support, and have the flexibility to increase or reduce generating capacity in line with customers’ needs.
We also provide power services for the ramp-down of mine operations and during mine closure and rehabilitation operations. In this phase of a mine’s life, we help the operators by minimizing costs and fuel consumption, and helping to reduce environmental or social impact. 
Temporary power solutions for the oil and gas industry
Aggreko understands the challenges that operators face in the oil and gas sector. Temporary power generation can play a crucial role in the exploration and development stages for onshore oil and gas operations. At Aggreko, we provide power for the exploration, drilling and production stages of your programs.
Typical applications include:
• Innovative generating solutions to boost oil and gas production (island and micro-grid)
• Power to support field development and production in remote locations
• Power and cooling for camps and worksites
• Creative solutions for enhancement of a variety of fuel sources
• Temporary fuel cooling systems for refinery operations
• Power during planned maintenance
• Emergency power
In the oilfield, safety is paramount and our customers need a partner they can trust. Aggreko has experienced engineers who can design and implement electricity power sources at every stage of a project’s life.
We offer fast, flexible turnkey solutions that help you keep your developments on track and your operations going strong.
Our aims are to help you:
• Meet performance goals, on-time and on-budget
• Optimize your production
• Lower total operating costs by eliminating large capital expenditure
• Reduce lead time and minimize downtime
• Engineer the most economical solution for your power or process challenges
• Stay up and running, no matter where your project is located.
Power for upstream oil and gas
Aggreko meets the needs of oil and gas operators by providing temporary power generation for oilfield activities such as drilling operations and artificial lift, including micro-grids for the supply of power to several lift operations and distributed power for remote lifts.
Aggreko also provides interim generation services to power accommodation at remote drilling and production sites
A key benefit of choosing Aggreko for upstream oil and gas operations is the rapid response we can offer. From initial design to delivery and start-up, we provide a fast and effective service tailored to your project.
Our standardized, modular equipment is easily shipped by land, sea or air, and, with the world’s largest containerized fleet, you can rely on us to meet your growing needs.
Safety, reliability and flexibility are key elements of Aggreko services. Our equipment is designed and assembled in a world-class facility in the UK and has been successfully deployed in some of the world’s most demanding environments.
Power for downstream oil and gas
Aggreko provides temporary power generation for downstream oil and gas operations throughout the Americas. This includes power for pumping stations and separation and compression facilities in locations that are awaiting grid connection or during scheduled maintenance and interim power solutions at refineries and terminal facilities.
Customers also use our temporary generation services to power site accommodation and workshops, and to provide comfort cooling in remote areas where access to national grid power may take many months to achieve. Having reliable power to maintain employee comfort in remote locations has a direct and positive impact on morale and productivity.
In a highly regulated industry such as oil and gas, operators need to be certain that they will have a reliable power supply for equipment that performs mission-critical operations. Aggreko’s turn-key solutions come with the highest maintenance standards and a strong emphasis on health, safety and environmental practices. 
Rapid economic growth can place additional strain on national or regional power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure
Adding large-scale, fast-track power from Aggreko means that countries can continue to supply the energy required to sustain growth while governments and state utilities work to bring permanent new generation capacity online.
Aggreko interim power plants help to stabilize the local utilities power grid and provide additional energy to support local industry and communities that may be suffering from insufficient power supplies.
Typical applications of Aggreko temporary power packages include:
• Supplementing power supply by, for example, operating in parallel with the national energy grid to overcome limitations of capacity generation and bridge the gap between growing energy demand and available supply
• Seasonal peak shaving by providing additional generation capacity to overcome power shortages during periods of high demand and to ensure 100% reliable power and the elimination of outages
• Overcoming transmission and distribution limitations by using power supply projects to feed a public service network while improving infrastructure and by providing energy to remote areas unconnected to the main power supply source
• Power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages
• Power for construction or commissioning.
We also provide facilities management services to help customers develop generation back-up plans in the event of natural disasters and load-testing services for major power infrastructure projects.


Meeting Specific Energy Needs for Every Client 

Our turnkey services include the provision of generators, reactive and resistance load banks, transformers, fuel tanks, cables and electrical distribution and load transfer panels, installation, operation and maintainenance. These services are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Find out more benefits from choosing us:

  • Rapid response: over 200 global locations and equipment being supplied in 20-ft ISO standard containers to facilitate transportation and installation at remote sites
  • Turnkey services, including project design and installation, operations and maintenance, provided by skilled technicians 
  • Flexible capacity: easy increase or reduction of energy capacity as needed
  • Emergency planning: by developing and maintaining a database of customer requirements, Aggreko can be an integral part of emergency response planning
  • Guaranteed reliability: our equipment is specifically designed for rental applications and offers built-in redundancy
  • Limited capital investment: removing the need for expensive advances or interest helps preserve clients’ cash flow
  • Fuel management: Aggreko provides a fuel management option to eliminate the inconvenience of handling fuel through customer operational teams

Our Products

  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Combined (diesel–gas) fuel systems
  • Liquid gas
  • Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)

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